Applause Applause Applause

I live for the applause plause I live for the applause plause .... plays as this gorgeous pieces comes down the runway; such a perfect song for such a strong piece. Rigid yet fluid, this piece has a strong architectural structure yet swayed beautifully as it moved down the aisle.  But even more surprising.... look carefully and you will see this bride has her very own chair... fitting this year's theme the chair you wear.

I was so excited that artist Sharon Sychta asked me to document her behind the scenes activities the night of ŏn-sŏm' bəl at Water Street Studios on September 7, 2013. The Bride's Chair Gown won Best in Show for fashion...congrats Sharon!

"Neither the simplest or most obvious element of a bride’s gown, this brilliant piece of perversity, necessary to a bride’s comfort on her special day is a contradiction of the traditional role of a bride to be beautiful at any cost.  This relationship is the proof of all bridal elements that, Beauty + Comfort = A pleasurable bridal experience. Who would have known the perfect experience of a bride on her day has a parallel geometrical relationship proven by one of Euclid’s elements for the Pythagorean theorem – the Bride’s Chair " --- Sharon Sychta

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and PS.... today is my 1 month anniversary as a dot com.  LOVE!

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