When life is a little chaotic… when you have days you are struggling… when things seem too big to overcome or understand… look for God all around… you will find Him winking at you :)

Take time to look outside of yourself, you will be surprised at how blessed you are and how much potential you have to do something for another.

Take time to look at the really small details of life, you will be surprised at how resilient and fragile life is and how simple and complex life is all at the same time. 

Take time to reflect on what has happened and what is still ahead. Each day is a new start to try again, or make amends, or go in a completely different direction.

You do not have to go out there and do big, huge, astonishing things in order to have lived a good life….  just be good to people. Every day we can do “small things with great love.”

Here is something to add a little zen to your day… Just keep swimming

Planet Jellies / Myrtle Beach South Carolina / June 2019 / iphone x

I could spend hours watching the jellies. I’m so glad I was able to create a few fine art photographs and fun little videos to keep me connected to those moments.

make sure to turn on sound for videos….

Nettle jellyfish

Myrtle Beach

Took a trip to Myrtle Beach just for few days in June with my sister, my niece and my nephew to celebrate a high school and grade school graduation…. Some time on the beach jumping in the waves, soaking up the sun, a little reading, looking for shark teeth (a friendly group of women gave me tips on how to find them…. and I found some), a trip to the aquarium and some yummy food (conch fritters, crab cakes, lobster, plantains, tropical cuban rice bowls, and grilled grouper sandwiches).

I was so excited to visit the aquarium… they had an amazing jellyfish exhibit… Planet Jellies. It was gorgeous and I would have loved to pull up a lounge chair and just watch them all day.

The aquarium had so many great things….

1) touched the top of a jellyfish

2) touched the stingrays as they went gliding by

3) picked up the horseshoe crabs which have been around for 300 million years and were here 100 million years before the dinosaurs

4) let little shrimp crawl along my hand

5) saw a replica of a Megalodon jaw (look it up - it’s gigantic - and people have found real Megalodon teeth - look that up too - so cool - wished I had found one)

6) walked through an underwater glass tunnel to see all sorts of fish and sharks and eels and coral and a beautiful sea turtle named Gabby

7) saw a really interesting exhibit on lava in Hawaii

8) then hung out with the jellies again

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Let it snow....

Beautiful snow falling... looking through the window... as I sit nice and cozy on my sofa.

I've always wanted to shoot snowflakes so I got out there today and tried it out. It was not ideal considering it was -3 with windchill.... it was cold, I was shivering and it was windy. All of this combined made it hard to get super sharp focus but it was fun. Not too bad for my first time working with snowflakes. Next time maybe I will attempt some freezing bubbles :)

I got nothing else done today and I had 15 things on my "to do list" but it was worth it.... good for the soul.

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Love you to the moon and back...

Another little nephew for me makes three!

And the cutest thing is to see how much his sister and brother love him and always check on him.

Welcome to the world Charlie...

Congrats Mike and Jessie!


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World's Littlest Strong Man!

Step right up. Come one. Come all.

Be amazed.... Be enchanted...

See with your very own eyes... the one, the only World's Littlest Strong Man!!!!

The strongest little man you ever will see.


Taming tigers and preparing his platform

Taming tigers and preparing his platform

Checking his equipment

Checking his equipment

Showing off his curls

Showing off his curls

It's a girl.... x 2

Twice the smiles....

Twice the hugs.... 

Twice the laughter....

And twice the love.


Way back in February, I got an email from a very excited soon-to-be grandmother. Kate and I worked together for many years so I was happy to hear the good news... and that it was twin girls... and that she wanted me to photograph them.  A few months later... here they are... born on July 21, 2017.  I'm so happy I could be a part of this special time and got to meet Zoe and Eleanor.  Kate is going to be the best grandmother -- fun times ahead!!!


Welcome to the world sweet souls.

Congrats Natalie and Zachary


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Oh yawn... cuteness is hard work

Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair ~ Susan Polis Schutz

One more little girl makes four for this family and her sisters adore her already. They were so curious to see what we were doing. Even on the first 80 degree day, it was hard for them to play outside for too long before checking on her. But can't blame them..... who would want to be away from this pretty little girl for too long????


Welcome to the world little one.

Congrats parents Rebecca and Brandon and sisters Addie, Millie and Elsa


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Life is sweet with a donut treat.  Rainbow sprinkles put a smile on my face and make for some pretty pics.

iphone photography

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The moon danced with the stars....

"On the day you were born, the angels clapped their hands and the moon danced with the stars...."


Such a sweet and very loved little girl.

Welcome to the world little one.

Congrats Jamie and Garrett!


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Lights.... Color.... Fashion...

I have loved fashion photography since for forever :)

Magazine pages combining photography, text, graphic images and illustrations.... It's what led me to study design... Editorial moments of vogue fashion and beautiful light with a soft haze or a little edge.

For the past few years I have been able to photograph BHS Rock the Runway.  This is a wearable art fashion show celebrating handmade pieces using non-traditional found materials designed by Batavia High School students and directed by instructor Dawn Zalkus.  Here are some highlights:

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Baby + Mohawk = Happy

This little one can rock a Mohawk and is full of smiles.  Life is pretty good at 6 months... and lots of fun for anyone that gets to hang out with him.

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sugar sweet and pretty pink

I have had lots of little boy sessions lately..... here's a look back at this sweet little girl....

She just turned 3. We are heading to her birthday party later today to celebrate!

May you always...
Dream big... Sparkle... and Shine Bright


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Give thanks for the rainbows, the butterflies....

Give thanks for the rainbows, the butterflies.... the bright blue sky and the soft fog and the gentle rain, for the tree... for the baby's laugh, for the touch of a hand, and the whispered "i love you"

~ Jonathan Lockwood Huie


May this sweet boy do all of this and more.

Welcome to the world little one.

Congrats Heather and Frank!


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love is in the details....

And here is a look at some beautiful details.

My friend Dawn created such cute decor for her sister's baby shower a few years ago. This was her first time being an Auntie and she went all out to put together a sweet winter time party filled with snowflakes, hot cocoa, polar bears and little trinkets with a vintage flair. Beautiful work!

I just photographed her second nephew's newborn session last week but here are some highlights from when I photographed this pretty party for her first nephew.

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All of God's grace....

All of God's grace in one little face.

This tiny peanut was so excited to get the party started that he decided to show up 5 weeks early; he was quite the surprise but he is healthy and sweet and loved beyond belief.

Welcome to the world little one.

Congrats Nick and Robin!


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Moving scrapbooks....

A moving scrapbook is a great way to celebrate all the best moments in life.... make photo books, make videos, and keep your memories at your fingertips!

I love giving these to clients because it allows them to be in that moment again and again.... for newborn sessions, portrait sessions, or events.

Here are some newborn sessions just added to the website portfolio under "kids"...

Contact me for more info :)

a baby is a blessing....

.... and this little one joined my family on September 28, 2015.

My nephew Isaac is such a sweet gentle soul.  

The name Isaac means "he laughs" and he definitely makes everyone around him smile :)


Welcome to the world little one.

Congrats Mike and Jessie!


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