Myrtle Beach

Took a trip to Myrtle Beach just for few days in June with my sister, my niece and my nephew to celebrate a high school and grade school graduation…. Some time on the beach jumping in the waves, soaking up the sun, a little reading, looking for shark teeth (a friendly group of women gave me tips on how to find them…. and I found some), a trip to the aquarium and some yummy food (conch fritters, crab cakes, lobster, plantains, tropical cuban rice bowls, and grilled grouper sandwiches).

I was so excited to visit the aquarium… they had an amazing jellyfish exhibit… Planet Jellies. It was gorgeous and I would have loved to pull up a lounge chair and just watch them all day.

The aquarium had so many great things….

1) touched the top of a jellyfish

2) touched the stingrays as they went gliding by

3) picked up the horseshoe crabs which have been around for 300 million years and were here 100 million years before the dinosaurs

4) let little shrimp crawl along my hand

5) saw a replica of a Megalodon jaw (look it up - it’s gigantic - and people have found real Megalodon teeth - look that up too - so cool - wished I had found one)

6) walked through an underwater glass tunnel to see all sorts of fish and sharks and eels and coral and a beautiful sea turtle named Gabby

7) saw a really interesting exhibit on lava in Hawaii

8) then hung out with the jellies again

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