sunday snapshot: winter 2014 christmas is coming....

Twenty five weeks straight of my sunday snapshot.... done!

That was my personal goal and last week was # 25.

I wanted to find a way to focus more on life, art, and all things I love.  And it has been a great way to take a time out and do just that. Hoping to still share something once a week. We'll see ;)


First Sunday in December and the flea market was full of great stuff.... beautiful vintage coats and trunks.... this one booth with really impressive handwoven necklaces..... but the best part was all of the vintage and speciality christmas pieces.

I did walk out with a hand carved little blue bird, a vintage ivory fur wrap (pretty sure it is faux fur) and a vintage blue and green glass pinecone ornament.

Here were a few other flea market finds today:

iphone snapshots

ps-- classy girls like coke :)

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