sunday snapshot # 2

One of my besties is off to Paris.... lucky girl.  I loved Paris and not because everyone says it is so amazing but because it really is so amazing.  They say Paris is a real life wedding cake -- all of it's neutral tones of white and cream and blush and griege set against black trim and stone -- and it really is this visually quiet and graceful city.  I was not too excited to go to Paris.  I do not speak any French and the little bit I try to pronounce is embarrassing and then you hear how much they dislike anyone who isn't French so I figured it was going to be miserable.  I was excited to see all of the important artworks and landmarks but I expected the traveling about part to be difficult.  I was so wrong.... honestly everyone I met was so friendly and helpful.... and I ended up loving everything about Paris. 

So this is me in Paris.  In 1994 I took a 4 week Art and Design class that travelled and studied in England, France and Italy with my art school.  This is on the ferris wheel in the heart of Paris.  The baskets went around the large frame but could also spin around individually ..... and this is in the middle of a spin.  

me Paris 1994

me Paris 1994

My friend Aileen was trying to get the conductor to spin another group's basket really fast..... so of course, in return, he spun ours.  As I am holding onto the middle axis for fear of flying out, Hans grabs my camera and snaps a few shots.  This was way before digital.  With film, sometimes you got what you got and you moved on to the next great moment hoping you captured something great.... a true moment.

So this is me in Paris and this is great..... because this was a true moment.  And looking at it now reminds me about all of the great times I had in art school and all of the great people I got to be with, who I don't see anymore but who are such a big part of who I became.

Can't wait to hear every detail of Dawn's trip and see all of her snapshots.... which will probably look a lot like the ones I took in 1994 because Paris hasn't really changed.  Hope to go back someday.

Paris 1994