sunday snapshot # 3

Live in hope.

It's easy to get down... to be overwhelmed with all of the could've-would've-shoud'ves, who said what about you, who likes what you did, who doesn't like what you did, who likes what you said, who doesn't like what you said, who misunderstood, who was unkind, who took advantage, who walked away, who you wish would walk away, where should you go, what should you do, what do you like, what do you want, who do you want to be and are you allowing yourself or others to get in your way????

This inner "talk" is endless-- mine is especially chatty :)  And most of the time what people say and do is more about them than you.  We should be reflective in life but this talk can really get in our way if we don't recognize that it is not always our inner voice, our true self.... it's just talk.

But if we let it all go.... if we look around at the little things.... if we have hope.... that is where our true spirit lives. That's where you find your true self.

This is why I love photography.  It tells us to slow down, to see the little things, to take it all in..... to look for the beauty all around us and to honor the moment.

Side note:  yes, photography, art, design is also part of all of that talk sometimes, all of that art world noise; it can stir up a lot of self-doubt but that's just the life of an artist :)  Some of it is helpful, you just have to consider the source. Take what speaks to you and ignore the rest. I'm trying to ignore it and just love doing it.

Here is one of my first iphone photos.

Lake Michigan / beach in Saugatuck / 2013

This was a great little moment.  Just me walking along the beach.  That's one of my favorite things to do.  I love all of the things you can find.  

Notes: iPhone 5. TTL (through the lens) with just a quick clean edit in Photoshop CS6-- a bit of sharpening and a touch of blue added to the shadows for a little pop.